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What do you want to be when you grow up?

Who says we need to grow up? Playfulness and fun should be a basic part of living! It’s healthier, and offers more opportunities for bonding, and connecting with others. Growing up is a dated concept, where today being changeable and able to learn throughout our lives is a better concept. Play, learning, fun, activity, development, laughter, and joy are all parts of the same human, and should be supported, highlighted and goals for all of us as we grow older.

Kids can decide a focus for their future, yes, of course. A direction in which to study, and learn a trade, or career. Sure. These choices are just as important as any choice made during each day of whether to go to work or go to the zoo.

Choice is what we should want to be when we grow up. We should be conscious choosers, choosing joy and using meditation, mindfulness, development and learning throughout our lives. Science will show that lifelong learners live longer. It also provides some direction for how to think, and what activities to participate in to help our cognitive abilities, our memories, and our brains as we age. Yoga shows us that we need to keep moving as we age as well, to live longer, feel less pain, and circulate our energy.

Laughter relieves pain, offers connection, lowers blood pressure, works like a small sit-up, as exercise, offers us happy chemicals in our brains.

When we grow up – how about if we choose to be happy, joyful, laughing our way through getting older.

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