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Your donation is tax deductible as Joy First Foundation has 501c3 status.

What Your Donation Can Do…

What is a joyful moment? There are many categories

TitleWhat is itPrice
Support the Tour de JoyCurrently on tour, offering spontaneous moments of joy to those who need them. Your donation supports gifts for the recipients of the moments of Joy. $50 and up
Online Joyful Session Bring your group together for some fun exercises and improvisational bonding$100 for one hour
Joyful Coaching session (for you or as a gift for someone else)Individual session to learn how to bring more daily joy$100 for one hour online or in-person (when available)
Joyful Tour de Joi (Joy)On the road, you support the travel costs, supplies and fees for random Joyful moments and at senior centers, and veteran’s hospitals around the country (for example)You can support $100 per day (for the number of days you choose to support the tour) or a lump sum $3000 supports 90 days on tour.
Joyful Yoga Session online or in-personJoyful Yoga is a combination of Kundalini, Hatha, and Laughter Yoga $100 per private session or $40 per student
The Gift of JoyGive someone else a random moment of Joy$100 In person or online (depending upon location)
Support operation costs of Joy First You can help us continue to offer FREE Joyful moments to others in random sessions or cover the cost of travel and operations for six monthsUp to $5000
Support a full year of Joy First operations, travel, supplies, and feesThe most amazing opportunity to support this Joyful project$20,000
Support 10 online sessions with the Joy CoachThese can be for you or as a gift. Find Joyful ways to accomplish your projects$500
Joyful AnimalsSupport a visit to a local Humane Society to spend time with the animals$50
Custom Joyful MomentsYou design with the Joy Coach what you would like to offer for yourself or someone elseTBD
Joyful Video CreationsCreate a Joyful Video for someone special$200
YOU DecideMake a donation and let’s discuss what you would like to do with it! TBD

Joyful Coaching in-person can include but is not limited to:

Joyful Coaching sessions if in person are $100 per hour and include specific activities that may or may not include

hiking outside

dance party

joyful yoga session

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