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What has Joy First Foundation been up to since December?

We have been very busy since the last time we shared a newsletter!

Thanks to your donations, we have already gifted:

240 Kazoos!

500 Clown Noses

400 Balloon Animals

150 Little 3d-Printed Joys

20 Joyful Certificates

5 Medals for being alive

5 Trophies for living on this planet

4 Hours of Joy Coaching

over 2000 miles of travel and we are just getting started!

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What Else?

Many Joyful Moments have been documented

and can be found on



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We are on FB, Twitter and Instagram, too! (see links below)

And longer, donated Clown Joyful Moments and Juggling Shows, and Face Painting, and Balloon Twisting to

Senior Centers – 4 hours

Domestic Violence Shelters – 3 hours

Private Clown Visits – 3 hours

Pop-Up Clown Visit for Ukrainian and Moldovan Families – 3 hours

Online Spontaneous Joyful Zoom Moment – 1 hour

We have experienced and given:

Tears of Joy









and many stories,

so many stories!

This is important work – we keep hearing that!

14 out of 16 surveyed say

They recommend a Joyful Moment for EVERYONE

85% of people surveyed want recognition

85% of people surveyed suggest that helping others brings joy

Our Future?

We are preparing training for Joyful Ambassadors

We are preparing a book

We are grateful to our Joyful Hosts who have helped the Tour of Joy

We are looking forward to speaking about the Tour of Joy at the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor Conference in Mesa AZ April 25-30

Listen to the AATH LAUGHBOX PODCAST about Joy First Foundation and the Tour of Joy


How can you help?

Your donations help buy supplies, and support the tour, and help clown visits by paying in advance for places like domestic violence shelters, and senior centers, they receive FREE full clown visits.

What are we wishing for?

Joy First is considering purchasing and creating a “Joybulance” – a jubilant vehicle change that would allow for more pop-up opportunities – and a quirky attention getter prepared for quick pop-up experiences.

Your donation could help us create this! A second hand utility vehicle designed to bring Jubilance, Joy, and Giggles to those who even see it from afar! It’s more than an artcar, it’s a Joy lifestyle! And with a vehicle shift we can support more people on the road. Our goal is to raise $25,000 for this “new to us” vehicle. – Can you help? When you donate, you can earmark on Paypal for The Tour of Joy and your donation will be added for this purpose.

Your donations already pay for supplies, and clown visits. CLICK THE LINKS BELOW TO SUPPORT THE TOUR OF JOY!

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more news….

Katy BEE LLC and BEE BEE Clown are joining Clowns without Borders – making Joy First an even MORE global experience.

Stay tuned for more information – details are still developing – This means international travel to refugee camps, and disaster areas to clown for families in need.


Please reach out at info(at) or katy(at)

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