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With Joy First Foundation, you can provide a Joyful Moment for yourself or someone else. Evoke, Embrace, Explore, Energize and bring Joy to all living beings. Your donation is a great way to support veterans, caregivers, hospital workers, patients, emergency workers, school teachers, kids, adults, businesses, co-workers, individuals or groups.

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What is a Joyful Moment?

Joyful moments are pop-up moments of surprise, delight, play, fun, and healing using scientific and tried and true ways to bring Joy. From senior care staff, to random people, the purpose is to spread joy far and wide!

And we have already started! While on the road over the last year, many pop-up moments happened, with noses and other connectors in hand, we have spread joy even before we started this campaign. If that was a test, it was successful!


To explore, create and bring joy to all living beings


Joy First Foundation evokes, embraces and energizes humanity through the understanding, offering, and creation of joyful experiences.


To provide opportunities to experience the best moments of life through immersive educational activities and content.  We help re-imagine living and human development toward more joyful life experience.


Love, Joy, Inclusion, Creativity, Fun

Why give to Joy First

  1. We offer random joyful moments to care workers, care givers, hospital staff and others who have been ravaged by COVID without vacations, and short staffed environments.
  2. We offer opportunities to gift a joyful moment to a loved one who needs some joy
  3. Joyful Yoga sessions that combine some fun, improvisation, laughter and movement designed for all ages and all abilities.
  4. Online joyful sessions for groups, organizations, corporations as team building using coaching skills to bring the team together.
  5. The Tour de Joy coming up in December 2022 and beyond offers random joyful moments – which you can help support!
  6. Talk with us and together we can come up with the perfect joyful moment for you or your loved ones

Joyful moments for individuals

Joyful moments for teams

Joyful moments for loved ones

Joyful moments online

Joyful moments in person

Joyful coaching

Joyful yoga

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