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Hi, my name is Kate McGlynn, aka Katy BEE. I noticed a few things around 2021. As people are angry, frustrated, dividing and struggling since COVID-19, I was motivated to try and help us connect to each other, and ourselves in a mission to bring more joy in sometimes random, and sometimes planned ways.

Joy First Foundation was created to offer random moments to strangers and powerful programs that remind us how to compliment each other, how to laugh, and how to create more well-being in our daily lives.

The Tour of Joy with Katy BEE started as an experiment. The tour started with giving appreciation, gratitude and standing ovations to the people that helped us the most to get through the pandemic. According to surveys, and popular responses to the question, “who needs this…?” The answer was a resounding


Since starting this Tour (which began in October 2021 with an 8 ft trailer and a Jeep Wrangler), the concept that it takes recognition, acknowledgement, play, laughter, gratitude and lots of love to open people up.

Lets open up our hearts!

Our mission is to provide opportunities to experience the best moments of life through immersive educational activities and content.  We help re-imagine living and human development toward more joyful life experience.

Joy First Foundation evokes, embraces and energizes humanity through the understanding, offering, and creation of joyful experiences.

— Kate, Founder of Joy First Foundation
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