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This Tour is Amazing!!!

What have we learned on this beginning of the Tour of Joy?

!. There’s a ripple effect

2. More people are getting the benefits of these moments of joy even if they are standing nearby

3. Stories, and more stories from people as they are offered a moment of joy

4. Standing ovations are a great way to recognize that people are HERE, with us NOW!

5. Clown noses and Kazoos bring lots and lots of joy, especially on National Kazoo Day!

6. Trophies also are great to tell people that they are honored for just being here today on Earth.

Joy Ambassadors

Would you like to be a Joy Ambassador? There are a number of ways to join us!

  1. Tag Joy First Foundation on Facebook or Instagram
  2. Create your own joyful moments, document them and send them to info (at)
  3. Get in touch with us about being a host for Joy First and Katy BEE and join her offering joyful moments
  4. Contact us at info(at) and ask us how you can contribute
  5. Donating noses and kazoos, or other joyful props
  6. Donate some cash for some more props, and marketing materials.
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