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Collaborating with Experiments

What Businesses need a small boost? Who needs a joyful moment? Joy First has already experimented in Miami Arizona. The first time was a year ago where stopping by The Miami Arts Commission in Miami, AZ was a spontaneous choice to reconnect with old friends. Here we saw a hard-working wonderful group of people and organizations reviving a small Copper Town in Arizona.

During conversations with Lob Instagon and Michael and Joanna Twentythree, the tour was definitely going to return to Miami and stay for a bit. Michael Twentythree died Suddenly two months after the visit.

When Joanna and Lob asked us to come and provide clowning (and continue the discussion of Clown Medicine that we had already started the year before), there was no question. Katy BEE arrived and created a Clown Factory which talked if we wanted to talk, or juggle, or put a nose and funny costume on, or discuss the healing power of humor and clowning.

Since Miami Loco, Joy First has returned to Miami, to participate, get involved and possibly even relocate to Miami. This is an experiment. Does Joy First make sense in a town with Mining companies and families, Native American Populations nearby, a Senior Center across the street, schools, libraries, businesses and amazing municipal staff and administrators that are really making a difference here!

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